Warwick officer resigns after K9 was found dead in car

Sasha, an eight-year-old German shepherd was found dead in the backseat of a patrol unit September third / Courtesy:

UPDATE 9/22/12

An update in the case of the K9 partner in Warwick, Sasha, who was found dead in the backseat of a patrol unit.

In the beginning, it was reported that the family had been out of town on vacation for three days and found the dog when they returned.

The wife of the officer is now telling officials they were gone for 12 hours and were not on vacation. Folks are saying they want an investigation on this case, but so far no agency has been asked to conduct one.


A Warwick police officer resigns after his K-9 partner, Sasha, was found dead in the backseat of his patrol unit.

Officer Lt. T.J. Frye recently left his position at the department according to city records.

Frye was supposed to report to work around 6 a.m September third when he called Chief David Morris saying he had just gotten back in town after being on vacation for three days and that's when he found the eight-year-old black and white German Shepherd.

It was reported that Frye told Chief Morris the dog must have gained access into the car and then got trapped inside.

Chief Morris inspected the car and found seats torn, computer equipment destroyed and scratches on the windshield where she must have tried to get out of the vehicle.

Charges may be pending in this case.

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