Warmer weather increase risk of West Nile

Citizens warned of mosquito-borne illnesses. / Jessica Fairley

Warmer weather is here and before the mosquitoes come out in full force, health officials are warning people to take precaution.

Southwest Georgia health officials say due to the unseasonably warm weather there is an increase in mosquito activity.

They say it's time for people to start protecting themselves from mosquito-borne infections like the West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

One way to do this is by using a repellant with Deet and discarding any standing water around your home.

"This year we haven't had any West Nile virus or EEE cases yet but we're just getting the message out because of the increase in warmer weather and because of the increase in mosquito activity in our area," says Jacqueline Jenkins, Southwest Public Health District Epidemiologist.

Jenkins says pet owners are also advised to make sure their pets are protected against mosquito-borne illnesses.

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