War vets express Memorial Day sentiments

People across southwest Georgia are celebrating Memorial Day to commemorate those who fought for our country and passed away.

From the American Revolution to the current Iraq War, the United States has seen its share of battles. In each one men and women of honor left their families to put their lives on the front lines for freedom.

"It was a great sacrifice they made. They proved their love for this country by giving their lives and we definitely need to reflect on that," says Winfred Benson, member of the American Legion Post 512.

With Memorial Day upon us, veterans and non-vets gather to remember that sacrifice.

"It's a time to remember those who have fallen, whether it's in combat or some of our fellow legionnaires who have passed since the last time we had Memorial Day," says Doris Greene, member of the American Legion Post 512.

After a long line of men soldiers, Doris Greene is the first female in her family to have the honor. She says some family members who fought have passed away and the Memorial Day holiday gives her a chance to keep their memory alive.

"We sit around and go over old wars stories and our past assignments in the military," says Doris Greene.

Those with the American Legion Post 512 say it's a blessing to be alive and able to tell their story because many others can't.

"I just wonder how I would've had to react in a conflict situation where there was really a conflict. Could I have stood up like they stood up? They go beyond the call of duty and that's why we have such a great army today in the United States of America," says Winfred Benson.