Wanted Ohio man arrested in Valdosta

A wanted man in East Cleveland, Ohio was arrested by Valdosta Police Saturday evening.

The Valdosta Police Department responded to the 600 block of Troup Street for a domestic dispute call. When they first arrived they thought the dispute was verbal. After speaking with people of the home, officers determined a wanted man from Ohio, 21-year-old Marlin Koonce, was inside.

Marlin Koonce was currently being sought by the East Cleveland Police Department for Attempted Murder with a Firearm, two counts of Felonious Assault with a Firearm, two counts of Aggravated Robbery with a Firearm, two counts of Robbery with a Firearm, Petty Theft, and Having Firearm While Under Disability.

After Ohio Authorities warned VPD that he was extremely dangerous Koonce was immediately arrested by the Valdosta Police and taken to Lowndes County Jail. Shortly after VPD notified the East Cleveland Police Department about the arrest.

Chief Brian Childress of VPD says this couldn't be done without effort from a patrol officer and officers to conduct an internet search from their in car computers in order to identify Koonce.