Wal-Mart Opens

A very exciting day for East Albany!

They've got a brand new place to shop, they don't have to travel as far anymore, and, it's already attracting more business to that side of town.

People lined up to get a first glimpse of the new Walmart out on Cordele Road. And they were not disappointed.

"I have my Walmart card and I will be shopping here very often. I'm gonna bring my family and we're gonna shop," said Albany native, Willie Coe.

City leaders are excited too, saying they've been trying since 1988 to get a second Walmart in Albany.

"It's just changed a feel in this part of town. It's more than just a retail store," said Dougherty County Commission Chairman, Jeff Sinyard.

That feeling will be felt in the hearts, minds and pockets of the people of Albany. The store is located in the city's tax allocation district, meaning its property taxes over the next 28 years will go straight back into the community. It's also put 300 people to work, with more on the way.

Not only is it creating more jobs, but it's also decreasing crime. The spot where the store stands used to be a major hub for drugs and prostitution in East Albany.

And other businesses are popping up around it. RadioShack, Dollar Tree, and a Chinese cuisine just to name a few, heralding good news for the future.

The Walmart in itself creates a retail center. It creates an entire retail center. This area within a mile of here will continue to grow and prosper," said Sinyard.

"I think we'll see residential developments and other things happening in and around here, it's a great place to have as a center for a developmental area," said City Manager, James Taylor.