Wakeboarders hit the water for a good cause

Spectators at Wakefest 2012 take in the action. / Sean Streicher

The sport of wakeboarding is usually not associated with anyone who has Cerebral Palsy. That is, until local enthusiasts decided to use the sport they love to raise money for a girl suffering from the condition, by creating Wakefest.

Event organizer, Adam Gilbert, says "You know Wakefest is something that came along as a dream, we wanted to have a wakeboard competition here in town and we also wanted to help a family out while we do it."

The proceeds from Wakefest benefit Taylor Rumph a seven-year-old-girl who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy after her brain didn't receive enough oxygen at birth.

Her father, Tommy Rumph says the family is taken back by the support of the community, "It's hard for me to fathom this many people in the area that care and want to try to help somebody out. Wakefest, this is its third year, it's growing every year and hopefully we can use it to benefit others in the community as well."

Now the competitors are out here having fun and riding hard, but wakeboarder, John Goza, says knowing the money goes to a good cause adds a little extra motivation. "It adds to it a lot. It makes you put a lot of heart in it, and it makes you think about what you're doing and how you're helping someone else, and it just makes you feel good."

Win or lose everyone was there to support Taylor.

With the success of Wakefest 2012, Gilbert has said there is already some chatter about the event returning for a fourth year.

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