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      VPD unveils new system to catch criminals faster

      The Valdosta Police Department unveiled some new technology Friday afternoon.

      This new technology will help police officers respond faster to crimes. VPD has had what's called the Automatic Vehicle Locator for a few years. They have now upgraded the system.

      This update will allow officers to be dispatched using a GPS versus a beat or patrol zone assignment. The new system has been joined with the dispatch system at the Lowndes County 911 center.

      This will mainly be used for high-priority calls like in-progress robberies and burglaries. The calls will be received by dispatchers inside the city of Valdosta.

      The system will immediately recognize the closest available Valdosta patrol unit. Police Chief Brian Childress says he has already received positive feedback about the system from officers.

      Chief Childress says the system total costs $700,000 and will be funded through SPLOST.

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