Voting machines gear-up for tune-up

Voting machines get a tune-up before runoff election. / Matt Prichard

Voting is one of the most precious rights we as Americans enjoy. However few know the complexities that goes into the voting process. The Dougherty County voter registration office spent Friday re-calibrating their machines and preparing for a runoff election in the republican primary.

"Today we're starting the process of logic and accuracy testing, making sure the machines are set for the election. Of course we have our runoff election but it's in the republican primary only. And so the tech is setting those machines up for that election," said Director of Elections, Ginger Nickerson.

And this process must be repeated every election to make sure the ballot you're voting on is current and correct.

"Every election we have accuracy and logic testing's, yes, it's to test the equipment as well and make sure that it's going to work. He's testing the function of where the card goes in, testing the machine so that when you touch it that it reacts to the touch, so that's the steps we go through before every election," said Nickerson.

With the August 21st runoff election right around the corner, Nickerson and the voting machines are getting ready for what can only be called, the busy season.

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