Vote on the Broad Avenue Bridge

Tuesday morning Albany City Commissioners voted to move forward with demolition and rebuilding the Broad Avenue Bridge.

City of Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says "we have had two years or more now with that bridge being closed. We're stressing the Oglethorpe Bridge which is going to have to cause it to have some type of repairs.

And spending more money is something the city can't afford. But saving the bridge is a main concern for the Njemile Ali.

"We would have rather had the commission say yes we will delay the bids, we will request that G-DOT request delay the bids until after July SPLOST. They did not say that so we have some more work to do," Njemile Ali, Friends of Broad Avenue Bridge.

The Friends of the Broad Avenue Bridge is putting a plan together after today's let down.

"We have invited the commissioners too find out how a similar project in Columbus is being done technically and how it is being done finically and we'd like for them to gathered that extra information during the interim between now and there next meeting. So, that they could know what they issues are and would a good decision is for delaying the project."

The City will start excepting bids for the demolition of the Board Avenue Bridge starting April 20, 2012.

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