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      Volunteers stash the trash the right way

      Earth Day is upon us and Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful is bringing together city officials, students and other citizens in the community for the Great American Cleanup event.

      Judy Bowles, Executive Director for Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful, says that 'Stash the Trash is an annual event that is open to every citizen in the community.'

      How we look as a community is a reflection of the people that live in the community. One of Albany's issues is economic development and in order to bring in business and industry, we have to keep our community looking presentable.

      Bowles adds that 'our citizens are aware of this problem; they have embraced this program, and they care how they look; they're out picking up litter.'

      Tons of litter is removed from the many miles that encompass the city. It shouldn't be an event done once a year though.

      'This project really ties in well to Mayor Dorothy Hubbard's Call to Service event where everyone can adopt an area and keep it clean,' says Bowles.

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