Volunteers rewarded for dedication to the community

Twenty-seven volunteers who have been helping in the community since the first storm that moved through Dougherty County on January 2 received a gift for all of their commitment and hard work in the community.

Majority of the volunteers helping clean up storm debris were paying for materials out of their own pocket.

A local businessman reached out to a bunch of companies who were looking to give back to the community after the storms but weren't sure how to and between them and other community donations, chain saws and similar supplies were purchased and donated to give back to those who needed it most.

Through the chainsaw, gloves, oil, hard hats and gas donations, volunteers who have been helping since the beginning of the month were rewarded.

Organizer Tom Gieryic says that he's "proud, proud of our community, it's just a neat thing."

One of the donors, Frank Helms with Advanced Auto Parts says that "these guys are your every day heroes. They're out going above and beyond to help out the community and it's very humbling and makes you feel real good that there's that kind of commitment to humanitarianism in the city."

Organizers say that donations are still being accepted. If you're looking to volunteer, you can contact Gieryic's Automotive at 229-384-5993 to find out different local businesses to purchase a chainsaw to be given out to a volunteer, or you can buy one and drop it off.

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