Volunteers in need of more equipment for storm clean up

Gieryic says donations have started to come in smaller amounts since January. He wants the community to know there are still many dealing with the aftermath of the storm./ Photo by Sophie Keyes

Tom Gieryic has been supplying volunteers with equipment to aid storm victims during the clean up process.

Gieryic is worried since it is now March people are moving on from wanting to help, but he says there is still a lot of work to do.

In order to finish debris pick up in all areas damaged by the storms he needs access to portable lifts and skid steers. These tools will be able to lift large trees, making it easier to dispose of debris.

“We have got a lot of supplies. We’ve got a lot of stuff there, but we need heavy equipment. We are able to go in the yard and we can cut up thirty trees, but all we can do is cut them up and leave them there because we don’t have the equipment to move them," Gieryic said.

There have been volunteer groups from all over the country visiting the area for storm recovery efforts. Gieryic knows in order to keep the fire in volunteers alive this equipment is necessary.

For more information on how to contact Gieryic, visit the Gieryic Automotive Repair website.

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