Volunteers help with Downtown Albany litter cleanup

Commissioner Roger Marietta went out into the community to clean up earlier this morning.

Volunteers met him at the Albany Civil Rights Institute after he accounced to the community that it is time to make the street cleaner.

Many community members took part in the event by picking up litter on local highways and collecting trash from in front of their homes.

It got started at Civil Rights Institute; volunteers walked the rest of the streets to find anything that need to be thrown away.

Marietta, the Commissoner from Ward IV, said "I think cleaning up improves the communities self esteem and instills pride in ourselves and our children and i think its good for economic development to have a clean city."

Marietta added that "with events like the Quail Unlimited and observances of the Dr. King holiday... It's important to keep our city looking beatiful so vistors have a lasting impression".