Volcanoes erupt in schoolyard

Lake Park Elementary students erupted homemade volcanoes Tuesday afternoon. / Sarah Bleau

Volcanoes erupted in a local school playground Tuesday afternoon â" soda and Mentos volcanoes, that is.

Fifth grade Earth Science at Lake Park Elementary school erupted homemade volcanoes Tuesday afternoon. Science teacher Janna Fretwell says her students got to pick which project they did â" 90 percent of them chose the volcanoes.

She says the students enjoyed and learned a lot from the hands-on project.

"They can now tell you everything about a volcano, how they look when they erupt, what they do, the different kinds and it gets them very excited about learning. And it's fun!" says Fretwell.

Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree was on hand watching the students' projects. He says seeing the exploding reaction of the soda and Mentos makes him wonder how it reacts in stomachs.