Virginia-based company establishes plant in Albany

Dominion Chemical has a two-year growth plan that involves local jobs

A Virginia based chemical company chose Albany as the location of their newest plant to serve the Southeast region.

"Based on the future growth of Dominion Chemical, Albany was a good fit for introducing its existing product line into the Southeast and Albany was a good location to do that," says Ted Clem, President of the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission. "They came here with plans to grow and expand the product line, so it's good news for Albany."

Dominion Chemical took over the Frontier Wax facility on Flint Avenue to set up their new wax manufacturing plant, Dominion of Georgia

"We make wax blends for box companies, it's the wax that you put on the boxes for chicken boxes or they do it for vegetables and we also do wax blends for candles," says Theresa Eubanks, Office Manager of Dominion of Georgia.

Dominion Chemical plans to invest $1.1 million and create ten jobs over two years at the Dominion of Georgia plant.

"Trust me, in this economy ten jobs is a big deal. We celebrate -- to use a baseball metaphor â" we celebrate the singles just like a homerun," says Clem.

In a press release, Maclin Ferrell, vice president of Dominion Chemical, says, "This acquisition will allow us to offer our customers dual sourcing facilities as well as better logistics for our customers in the Southeast."

In the past month, plant officials at Dominion of Georgia say they have sold one million pounds of wax, but they are doing more than selling products and providing locals with jobs.

"We're buying a lot of our raw materials locally, we're using the trucking companies here, we like to use local; anything that we can get local we're going to jump on it," says Eubanks.

While the Dominion Chemical plant in Albany aims to help the local economy, local officials are returning the favor. Eubanks says the Department of Labor and the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce has provided a lot of help.

She says Dominion of Georgia continues to grow daily.