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      Village Mobile Home Park shooter caught, others wanted

      24-year old Cavoris Harvey is still wanted by the Dougherty County Police Department in the shooting.
      The Dougherty County Police Department has made an arrest in the shooting of 45-year-old Augustin Cobrera-Lopez, but they are still looking for others.27-year-old Cedrick Kid'co Wingfield was arrested for shooting Cobrera-Lopez last December. He was arrested last night and is charged with three counts of aggravated assault and armed robbery. Authorities say they know that a small, black handgun was used in commission of the crime.Dougherty County Police says they are still looking for two other men. One is 24-year old Cavoris Harvey who was last seen yesterday.A third person is also wanted by DCP, but no details as to his identity have been released.