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      Vietnam Veteran receives Bronze Star

      46 years after saving a fellow Marine's life, a Vietnam War veteran finally received the honor he deserved.

      The Bronze Star was given to Willie Robinson during the Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base's Employee Recognition Day ceremony Tuesday morning. Robinson had a temporary citation stating he would get the award, but never did until Tuesday.

      Robinson was a young Lance Corporal who was serving as an assistant rocket gunner with the Delta Company 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Division during the early years of the Vietnam War.

      During a firefight with enemy forces, Robinson risked his life to save a fellow marine who was critically injured. He helped fight back; and gave rescue personnel time to evacuate the wounded marine.

      Robinson said it is all part of the job and that he would do it all over again. "We know what we are trained to do; and we do it. As a civilian, I am still trained. and I know what to do if need be for protection."

      The Bronze Star is awarded for acts of bravery, merit, or service. It is the nation's fourth highest combat award, and the ninth highest overall military award.