Vietnam Vet honored 40+ years after service

Rep. Sanford Bishop awards the Presidential Unit Citation to Staff Sergent Clyde Bartlett. / Allen Carter

More than 40 years after being discharged, a Vietnam vet is getting the recognition he deserves.

Staff Sergeant Clyde Bartlett was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation by Representative Sanford Bishop this morning.

Bartlett served in 1968 and 69 and participated in Operation Apache Snow.

"It's a big honor. I had no idea when we applied for this that it would be this involved," said Staff Sgt. Bartlett.

"We enjoy today the quality of life and the freedoms, because of those who have paid the price, many with their lives in years past and we can never say thank you enough," said Rep. Bishop.

Staff Sergeant Bartlett's permanent military record will now be revised, reflecting the new honor.