Vietnam Era anniversary prompts reflection at local base

MCLB Albany reflects on the Vietnam Era and how the base has changed in the last 38-years. / Matt Prichard

In May of 1975 the Vietnam Era came to a close, leaving a lifetime's worth of questions, and a supply station in Albany receiving a new title.

"We had two supply centers. The one here in Albany and another in Barstow, California. Other functions are what eventually made it into a Logistics Base," said Vietnam veteran, John Bryant.

That included the movement of the 'Marine Corps Supply Activity Center' from Philadelphia down to Albany in late 1975. But before that move, the base looked a bit different than the one we know today.

"It was quite different back then, there were a lot of things that were here back then that aren't here now. Probably the biggest thing was Marines. There were a lot of Marines on this base during that era," said Bryant.

Marines were assigned to work as mechanics, warehouse detail, and in the overall preparation of supplies to be shipped to soldiers fighting in Vietnam--something veterans say they couldn't have lived without.

"It is so crucial in a war time effort, to get the needed supplies. I mean even the smallest things make a difference," said Vietnam veteran, Jerry Laney.

And Laney says bases like MCLB Albany, to other countries, is quite the novelty.

"Other countries just don't have that logistics division to do that, and that's why they always call on the United States," said Laney.

In war time MCLB Albany has certainly provided a service, one that has changed over the years, but with one common goal--keep our soldiers prepared, and ready for battle.