Victims of $1 million tax fraud speak out

Melody Milton, a former Phoebe Home Care employee, is facing major jail time for bilking millions from a tax fraud. / Jessica Fairley

Melody Milton, a former Phoebe Home Care employee, is facing major jail time for bilking millions from a tax fraud.

Letters from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital have been sent out to victims affected by the crime. Those who talked with FOX 31 say it's taking a lot of work to clear their name.

Willie Ross says he approached a Phoebe official months ago saying that his identity had been stolen.

"Somebody was using my name back in December or November of last year and then they said that was kind of impossible," says Willie Ross, an identity theft victim.

Turns out, not only was it possible but it was actually happening.

Willie Ross received confirmation from Phoebe that he's one of many victimized by identity fraud.

It's believed that Milton used the identity of several Phoebe patients to get money out of the government.

"People are suffering from that right now and I'm one of them," says Dorothy Chatmon, a victim of identity theft.

The victims say they've spent hours at a time on the phone trying to get the situation cleared. Dorothy Chatmon says she doesn't know where to begin to get her life back.

"They have phones in my name, jobs. I have to get all that cleared up because I'm on disability too and they are about to cut off my check thinking that I have worked," says Dorothy Chatmon.

Chatmon and Ross are just two of many who thought their privacy and identity would be safe while seeking medical care.

Mr. Ross says he's not blaming Phoebe for what has happened. He just wants justice served in this case.

"Whoever you are Melody or whatever her name is and whoever else did it. Think about what you've done to us to me and other people and God is watching you and whatever you get you deserve it," says Willie Ross.

He plans to follow the case until justice is served.

Milton is accused of using the Turbo Tax website to conduct a "check broker" business.

A special agent with the United States Secret Service states that there is probable cause that 36 envelopes of mail delivered to Milton's P.O Box is evidence of the criminal offenses.

Several checks averaging $9,500 were sent to the woman's P.O. Box in Albany. The criminal complaint states that 200 checks totaling about $1.1 million were deposited into Milton's Sun Trust Bank account.

It's suspected that Milton could have obtained social security numbers from patients at the Phoebe Home Health Care facility on 14th Street in Albany.

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