Vets gather on Memorial Day for flag raising.

Memorial Day is a day to remember the men and women who have served and fought for the freedom we enjoy every day.

There was a special ceremony at the American Legion Post 30 in Albany, where they heard from an active duty army lieutenant colonel.

They day started off with the raising of the American flag to half mast.

Extremely proud because I TMve followed that flag through a lot of different areas and took it under sea, said George Hagan, Jr., who served in the Navy and in the Vietnam War.

It's hard to say because you tear up, even thinking about it. It does that. The older you get, it seems like it gets harder, more emotional, said Pat Walsh, a veteran of the Vietnam and Gulf wars.

I honor my country and I would have died for my country cause that was my job, to go over there and fight, said Vietnam veteran, Ron Cetto.

There's a special bond among veterans. I've always made the statement that if you didn't have the opportunity to serve in the military, you really missed an experience, said Emory Hayes Middleton, who was an OR scrub technician in the Air Force.

One veteran talking to another veteran understands what's going on, but somebody from the outside, they don't know what it is. It's something you feel in your heart, said Cetto.

Every veteran is happy and proud to have served. And we asked them their perspective on the wars being fought over in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We got the guy that destroyed the towers and that's what we went over there to do. We did that, that was the objective, bring them home, said Cetto.

I feel we're in a place we shouldn't be. I feel that we've got too many problems at home. But I do appreciate the brave men and women who are willing, even though some of them know that may not be the best thing, that they're giving us, some of them, the ultimate sacrifice, said Walsh.

You can find out more about the American Legion Post 30 at their website, here.

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