Vets discourage use of any pet treats from China

Vets say when shopping for pet treats, they're warning pet owners to not use treats imported from China for the time being / Sarah Bleau

After a recent announcement of possibly contaminated chicken jerky pet treats imported from China making hundreds of pets sick, viewers wanted to know in our Facebook Story of the Day what to look for when purchasing treats.

According to Dr. Fred Freeland with Albany Pet Partners, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is informing veterinarians to discourage pet owners from purchasing treats made in China for the time being.

He says other considerations pet owners need to take are the ingredients and calories in treats. He says even a low-calorie treat can add up depending on how many times a day the treat is given to a pet.

Freeland says he prefers treats that are soft, can be easily broken up and contain good ingredients.

He advises pet owners not to give their animals grapes, raisins and anything with Xylitol â" a sugar alcohol sweetener â" because it could be fatal to your pet.

As for the recent Food and Drug Administration's warning against chicken jerky treats from China, no companies have been named and no official recall has taken place at this time.