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      Veterans to get access to more health care services

      Some good news to report for veterans in Albany. New health services will be offered soon at the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB).

      For the almost 6,000 veterans and 1,500 active duty military living in Albany, some changes in health care are on the way as the downtown Albany VA clinic moves to MCLB.

      "It's a win win win," MCLB Commanding Officer Donald Davis said. "The veterans win. They get better care."

      After two years of planning, the agreement was signed this afternoon between Naval Hospital Jacksonville and the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

      This means veterans will soon be going to MCLB for health care services. The clinic on base already has a clinic with a lab, radiology, and a pharmacy, but more is on the way.

      "When we come in, we're going to add some staff to it as well," Director of VA in Dublin John Goldman said. "We're going to increase some services. Optometry, audiology, physical therapy."

      The VA relocation to the base's 22,000 square foot building will give veterans a state of the art facility, but there have been setbacks.

      "Challenging in terms of sequestration, government shutdowns, furloughs, so that did delay us a little bit but we kept moving forward," Naval Hospital Jacksonville Captain Gayle Shaffer said.

      So for those veterans and active duty military members down in Tallahassee or Dublin, Georgia, they will have access to more health services.

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