Veterans show pride through vehicle stickers

Mark proudly display's his purple heart and bronze star stickers on his truck

Mark Hunt is an Albany native who moved to Florida to be a minister and missionary.

When he married Delores Hunt 40 years ago he kept his Vietnam veteran status a secret from her for 20 years. Hunt has been on two tours to Vietnam and remembers the disrespect they encountered when returning home, so he decided to keep his vet status a secret.

When his wife found his Purple Heart and Bronze Star, he had to explain. Delores Hunt says she loves and supports her husband and is proud of his veteran status. "I was there for him, and all military wives need to be there for their man. When they're hurt inside we have to understand that they went to war to keep us free" says Delores Hunt.

Through therapy and the support of friends, family, and his church, Mark Hunt now proudly displays military stickers on the back of his truck. "I'm not ashamed anymore. People recognize Vietnam Vets now-a-days for the work we did and I'm proud to have served this great country" says Hunt.

The stickers even helped the Hunt's when they were recently pulled over by the police. "The officer walked up to my truck and asked me about the stickers on the back of my truck and I said I'm a Vietnam vet and I've got a purple heart and a bronze star. He immediately shook my hand and thanked me for my service. He gave me a warning to slow down and said he wouldn't give me a ticket" says Hunt.

The Hunt's say they hope all active duty military and veterans proudly display their military status on the back of their vehicles.