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      Veterans lend a hand to others

      A handful of veterans all got together Monday morning to help out one of their fellow vets.Many retired military members and veterans from the retired and senior volunteer program came together this morning to build a ramp for one of their own and they couldn't be happier.91-year-old veteran Charlie Philips says, I think that everyone here feels the same way and we enjoy doing it. It TMs companionship. We enjoy each other. We kid around a lot.They all came together to help Berry Glen Junior, a veteran who had a stroke a few weeks ago and will be temporarily bound to a wheel chair.His son, Glen Berry III, came down from Birmingham and is grateful for the help, especially on this day.Extraordinary that they would take a day that we normally honor them that they would reach back and honor one of their own, says Berry.This is not the first time the group built a ramp. Just recently, they built a ramp for Adam Martin's daughter."It's nice. That way we don't have to struggle to pull her into the house so the ramp will help out real nice, says Martin.In less than two hours, the ramp was built and ready to go. The final touch was hammering in a plaque at the end of the ramp to show who it was built by; then a salute to top off the morning activity.