Veteran walks across country for a cause

McQuown on his way to Atlanta to speak to officials about veterans. / Courtney Highfield

Mac McQuown is a 51 year old U.S. Army Reservist and U.S. Marine Corp. Veteran who's mission is to walk to every capital, of all 50 states, to bring awareness to an issue he feels needs national attention.

McQuown wants to bring attention to veterans who return home from war and shortly after find themselves homeless and without a job. McQuown said these heroes are not getting the respect they deserve. He also feels that members of the military who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives aren't receiving the respect and honor they deserve either.

The veteran started his journey on September 11, 2011 from Stafford, Virginia. Since then, he has visited Washington D.C, Annapolis MD, Trenton NJ, Richmond VA, Raleigh NC, Columbia SC, and Tallahassee FL. He is currently on his way to Atlanta, Georgia.

McQuown said once he gets to the capitals he meets with the governor and other officials to talk about the issue, what he feels veterans deserve, and what these officials can do to fix the problem.

McQuown walks 10 to 15 miles every day, except on Sunday's when he rests. He stays mostly in fire departments of the towns he stops in and sometimes a hotel sponsored by friends or family.

McQuown said he expects to be finished this journey in about 6 years and he is confident that every step he is taking and will take is making a difference.

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