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      Vandalism shakes up Turner High's school day

      School staff discovered a minor problem at Turner County High School when arriving Wednesday morning.

      According to the Turner County School's Facebook page, Tuesday night, several students entered the building and vandalized several bulletin boards and a classroom.

      Howard Akers, Principal of the school, says a teacher came into the school early in the morning and discovered that someone had also put baby oil on the floor of the back hallway.

      Turner County High school students were evacuated into the Civic Center.

      The school TMs entire custodial staff was called in to clean up the oil while teachers directed students where to go.

      Akers says it took close to two hours to clean up the oil and buff the floors. He says they wanted to make sure that there was no hazard when students returned.

      No one was harmed and officials say they have an idea of who did the prank.

      This was the last day of school for Turner County Students before they left for Christmas break.

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