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      Valdosta woman's new Habitat home burglarized

      A Valdosta woman has fallen victim to a burglary as she's moving into her new home.

      Johnnie James showed FOX31 damage where burglars broke into his sister Alma's new home built by Habitat for Humanity.

      "I got mad as I could be because I have a good sister and this is her home," James said. "She hadn't moved in and she's been running around trying to get everything together to move in and you know, it's just a shame."

      When James showed up to the house, the stove was missing and the side door was damaged.

      "Habitat is trying to help people with a home and why would someone just come and damage the house like that?" James asked.

      Recently, there have been several burglaries in Valdosta and that trend is taking a good turn.

      "We're actually down," Lieutenant Aaron Kirk with Valdosta Police said. "We've had a decrease of about 23 percent of burglaries in large part due to going to a 12 hour shift, having more officers on the road but also community involvement."

      Lt. Kirk says to keep everything locked up, keep windows and doors locked and to get with your neighbors to help prevent burglaries.

      James says he and police are now keeping a closer eye on the new home to make sure this doesn't happen again.