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      Valdosta Fire Deptartment pulls together to train

      Ropes, helmets and pulley system were some of the main components used during an exercise on Thursday to train the Valdosta Fire Department on how to get an injured person in a remote location to safety.

      "We're trying to move a patient from point A to point B across any kind of span like a canyon or a river or a large debris from a tornado, or a building collapse, or something like that. Instead of having to carry that patient across all that stuff, we can set up this high line and move them like that," said Captain Ken Gallagher.

      Officials say the rescue effort is methodical and takes both physics and an understanding of trigonometry to pull off without it failing. Though not commonly used, the $15,000 worth of equipment is something the department says is an important asset to have on standby.

      "As in the firefighting world, you never know what you're going to respond to when that alarm sounds. We just have different many tools in our toolboxes and we need to be up to date on everything, all the new techniques that's coming out," said Lieutenant Billy Young.

      Now that the team is trained and the equipment is back in storage, the firefighters say that's where they hope it stays.

      "My preference is that we never have to do this, but we're ready if we need to," said Captain Gallagher.