Vacation time interrupts sleepy time

Vacation stays change children's sleeping habits. / Jessica Fairley

For families going on vacation over the Labor Day weekend, if the little ones are tagging along, officials have offered some tips to keep them on a regular sleep schedule.

Phoebe medical professionals say it's best to make sure children are done with activities before 7:00 p.m. at night.

The reason is because by this time children should be winding down, like they would normally.

Parents are also advised to try and provide a quiet environment so children can fall asleep.

"Get them up at their usual time. Not varied by more than one or two hours. If they usually have to get up at seven don't let them sleep until after nine because otherwise you're going to be in trouble," said Dr. Hannah Lin, Phoebe General Physician.

Dr. Lin says signs of sleep deprivation in children could be hyperactivity, moodiness or a lack of concentration.