Utility allowances in public housing face changes

AHA board members discusses the upcoming utility allowance changes and the causes for the adjustments / Sarah Bleau

Utility allowance adjustments are on the horizon for those living in public housing in Albany.

The Albany Housing Authority (AHA) says a utility allowance review was performed at all public residences. They say the utility allowance adjustments stem from the electric rate increase at Water, Gas and Light as well as recent energy efficiency upgrades AHA made to some homes.

"Some utility allowances are going up, some utility allowances are going down and the impact of the residents is if your utility allowance going up then your rent goes down, if your utility allowance goes down then your rent goes up," says Executive Director Dan McCarthy.

The allowance adjustments will go into effect on June 1. AHA board members say they will accept public comments about the changes and will hold public educational meetings about the matter.

Housing Authority board members also announced their target neighborhood will be a part of a health impact study for Georgia. Researchers will look at the physical fitness and nutrition of residents, among other items. The assessment could bring more items like walking trails and farmers markets to the area.