Use of prescribed medication on the rise

On the heel of National Drug Take Back Day, law enforcement says there's a growing number of illegal use of prescribed medication. / From file

For nearly forty years, Pharmacist Glenn Parkman has made it his life mission to make a strong impact on the community.

"Our job is to take care of your health needs and it's our job to oversee your medication," says Parkman.

But he says the increasing illegal use of prescribed medication is alarming.

Glenn Parkman says, "a lot of times you find patients that will find this old medication take it either by mistake or either think maybe I should take that again and then it messes things up."

And that growing trend has caught the attention of law enforcement.

Sergeant Kevin Griffith with the Sylvester Police Department says, "don't throw it in your trash, people go through your trash winds up in the land field, people go to the land field all the time. Don't flush it down the toilet, because then it will get in the water system."

Sergeant Griffith says people are using prescription drugs to sell for money or use them to get high.

Sergeant Doug Brooks says, "they're easy to get a hold of. They steal them out of someone's medicine cabinet. They can purchase them on the street really cheap. They are just real easy access."

Sergeant Brooks says another thing to think about is kids could also get a hold of the medication thinking it's candy or something edible, which could end up being fatal.

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