U.S. House may pass bill allowing gun permits to cross borders

Right now, 34 out of the 48 states that have carrying permit laws recognize Georgia licenses

It's been brought up before--a bill that allows gun permit holders in one state to be recognized in another, even if gun laws differ. And it seems to be popular among permit holders.

"Well when you get used to carrying one, it's kind of like a watch, you get used to having it, you just don't feel the same when you have to leave it behind," says Jackie Sizemore, owner of Backwoods Outdoors.

"If New York is gonna recognize a Georgia driver's license, they should recognize a firearms permit," says Philip Colson, manager of Solo Archery.

Currently, 34 of the 48 states that have carrying permit laws recognize Georgia's licenses. But even so, some believe changing it to all 48 states would make a difference.

"I think it would, cause a lot of people like to travel with their guns but they have to take in to consideration, check a list and work their travel plans out," says Sizemore.

Those opposing the law say it defeats the purpose of states setting their own gun permit laws. But those frequent travelers like David Roberts, are in favor of it.

"But we just recently bought a Glock 19 for, I was thinking of protection and we do travel from time to time, I've got relatives up north so we want to be able to take it with us cause, I mean you hear stories," says Roberts.

And there is a possibility that if they do pass this bill, they may also come up with a certain standard for all states, meaning they would all have to abide by the same gun laws, however supporters of the bill say it would not create a federal licensing system, but some may still be skeptical.

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