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      U.S. Attorney gets involved in Kendrick Johnson case

      U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia Michael Moore held a press conference Thursday afternoon on the death of the Kendrick Johnson.He said that Lowndes County officials conducted investigation with Georgia Bureau of Investigation autopsy and that asphyxia was deemed cause of death.Moore said he received second autopsy in late August, but there are still questions, such as what was the cause, was the death a crime or the result of a criminal act, and if it was a crime who committed it?Moore also says that he has personally viewed the documents and that additional info from the family was received by the attorney's office two weeks ago.He added that there is now enough evidence in existence to open an official investigation and that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is cooperating with those efforts.Moore stated he will follow facts, wherever they may lead.Officials are asking for anyone to come forward with additional information. He wants facts and knowledge surrounding death.The body of Johnson was found by students back in January 2013.

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