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      UPDATED: Shooting sends 13-year-old girl to hospital

      Albany police have arrested 17-year-old Patrick Stokes for the shooting of a teenage girl Monday afternoon.

      Officers say Stokes fired gunshots in the 1700 block of Gadson Street Monday afternoon. A stray bullet hit 13-year-old Lyndasha Davis in the chin.

      Stokes was arrested last night on South Maple Street. Police say they waited to file charges because Tuesday was the suspect's 17th birthday.

      Initially when he was taken into custody he was considered a juvenile. Once he turned 17 that juvenile status expired and he was charged with aggravated assault and is in the Dougherty County Jail. He does not go to RYDC, said Phyllis Banks of the Albany Police Department.

      Davis was taken to the hospital and released. Officers say stokes could face more charges from the gang unit.

      Police say they are investigating an altercation that occurred among two groups of men between the 1700 and 1800 block of Gadsden. The incident eventually led to 13-year-old Lyndasha Davis being shot.

      "At some point shots were fired and a 13-year-old black female was struck in the chin. She has been transported to the hospital. At this point it doesn't appear life threatening but it seems as though she may have been an innocent bystander when the shots were fired," says APD Media Manager Phyllis Banks.

      Police questioned a person of interest and so far no charges have been filed and no one has been charged.

      FOX 31 News will continue to bring you details as they're made available.