Update On Ashburn Tornado

An EF-1 tornado ripped through the small town of Ashburn on Saturday damaging 150 homes and killing one man. On Monday crews were working to clear the roads of downed power lines and fallen trees. Utility companies were also working to restore power to all of the town's 4700 residents. One of the most spectacular scenes of devastation was the complete collapse of the State Farm insurance building located in the center of town. Mayor Jim Hedges expressed his strong desire to see that a state of emergency was declared so that his small town could get access to state resources, notably Georgia Department of Transportation equipment, vehicles and manpower to facilitate the cleaning up process. The American Red Cross was on hand to provide assistance. John Wright, the Director of Disaster Services from the charity's Savannah chapter, noted that the town and its residents were on the mend. The Yancey family was away from Ashburn over the weekend. When they came home on Sunday night 14 year old Demarcus said his family couldn't believe the damage that the tornado had done to their house and yard.