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      Update: New bus route dedicated to new Wal-Mart destination

      If you TMre looking for a way to travel to the new East Albany Wal-Mart, Albany Transit is dedicating a bus line just for that reason.

      Albany Transit established the new Silver Line route, which will also be known as Wal-Mart Express. Beginning Wednesday, the route will operate from 5:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. every 30 minutes Monday through Saturday from the transfer station.

      "We wanted an express route that was dedicated just to the store so that individuals and families can do just that: They can come into the transfer center from any other desination and be able go straight to Wal-Mart without any other stop," says Transit Director Dwain Cosby.

      A new terminal will be built at the East Albany Wal-Mart entrance in the next three weeks. It was scheduled to be built across the parking lot away from the entrance, but Cosby says he had it moved near the doors.

      The Silver Line/Wal-Mart Express will cost the same $1.25 as any other route costs.