Update: Lee County residents face life without water

Dianne Harrison filling up five gallon jugs. / Jessica Fairley

Update, June 16: Residents living the Choeke District of Lee County say they now have their water situation fixed.

Ruth Spell says a well company took about three hours on Thursday lowering her well so that she could have water. Her neighbors say their water was restored late Wednesday afternoon.

June 15: Southwest Georgia has been without rain for some time and the effects of it have trickled down from the farmers to the homeowners. People living in the Choeke District of Lee County say they've been braving through the last couple of days with no water.

The lack of water is because farmers have to irrigate crops around the clock to keep plants hydrated.

"Our wells are dry and they are having to dig deeper to tap into the water supply," said homeowner Ruth Spell.

Ruth Spell is just one of the homeowners on Philema Road who has no water. She says when she and her neighbors discovered the wells were dry; they couldn't help but be upset. Dianne Harrison is one of the homeowners who has been living with the problem.

"We were frantic because we couldn't brush our teeth and there was no water to shower," said Harrison, "And we were like frantically trying to figure out what can we do here."

The group of friends and neighbors say they pulled together and improvised by using the water in Spell's brand new pool for household duties.

"We're able to get enough water to flush our toilets and help our neighbors do the same thing. And we been to Sam's several times and gotten water to help us brush our teeth and wash our face," said Spell.

Harrison's water was restored on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. She's now providing water to the neighborhood by filling up five gallon jugs to anyone who asks for help.

Spell says she has been put on a waiting list to have her well repaired. She's hoping the wait won't be too long.

"We've heard that they are running out of equipment and that they are having to order equipment and it could be next week and it's just a frightening thought to be without water that long," said Spell.

Ruth says she has contacted the Eubanks Well Company to restore the water. FOX 31 spoke with someone from the company who said they had no one available to comment on the situation.