Update: DCSS Superintendent explains leadership changes

Dougherty County School System Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree is moving key school leaders to different schools for the 2011-2012 school year.

FOX 31 News sat down with him for an exclusive interview on his strategic plan.

Murfree says he's looked at the potential to maximize the system's talent since he got became superintendent.

Murfree says he has a strategic plan. "I've had the chance to talk to school leaders and say to them 'this is what I would like for you to do based upon this vision based upon what I've seen you do, based upon what I know you can deliver and where we should be say in the next 4 or 5 years" says Murfree.

Dr. Murfree says he isn't moving school officials to damage anyone's career, but doing it to best utilize various talents that different schools may need. He adds the reaction to the news was a mixed bag. "Some said Mr.. Superintendent I'm ready to go right now with a smile. Others said mmmm I probably can but okay I won't mess with it (the strategic plan)right now". Murfree says he's confident that as things begin to unfold the leaders who have moved will understand why they were moved. "This is a process that was strategically planned based upon where I know this vision can take us" says Murfree.

Placing principals and assistant principals in other schools isn't a game of musical chairs â" Dr. Murfree says he spent time in each school to get a deep understanding of strengths and opportunities for improvement. "I was at two schools today, I'll be at two schools tomorrow. So everyday I pick a school that I'm going to spend time with those leaders and watch those leaders - and they're all great leaders. But when you look at it â" it's an opportunity" says Murfree.

Murfree has 100% confidence that the moves will help build teachers into principals and principals into superintendents. He takes professional development very seriously and says as a leader he has an obligation to help others grow. The most important part of the strategic plan however, is to make sure graduation rates improve. "I want this to be a seamless process of success".

High School changes:

Lamar Reese Elementary School's principal Dr. Valerie Thomas will become the principal of Monroe.

Northside Elementary School principal Dr. Angela Shumate will become principal of Albany High School.

Morningside Elementary School principal Jose Roquemore will become the principal of Dougherty Comprehensive High School.

Westover Comprehensive High School Principal Coach William Chunn will remain in his current position.

More changes among principals, assistant principals, and potential other school leaders have yet to be solidified.