University of Tennessee students doing service in Moultrie

The Heritage Church and the Moultrie community threw a tailgate party to welcome students giving up their spring break to do service in their community.

One hundred and fifteen students from 'The Cross', an organization on the campus of the University of Tennessee, are giving up their spring break to serve in the third annual Mega Impact Project in Moultrie.

Cheryle Reeves, the Mega Impact Project Coordinator say "we're investing over twenty five thousand dollars in our community and their giving us their sweat energy all week long to work on over a dozen projects in our community."

This week, those Tennessee students will be putting up a basketball court, building a picnic table, water fountains and putting down new floors and painting walls at the boys and girls club.

The director of 'The Cross' at the University says this trip gives his students a sense of fulfillment.

Director Jim Bailey says "instead of going to the beach and serving themselves all week, lots of our students tell us stories about spending their beach vacations on spring break and coming away feeling empty."

Drew Shaprio, a first time participant, says he can still have some fun in the sun this vacation, just not on the beach.

"A lot of my good friends did go to the beach. I just felt kind of driven in a way to come here," added Shaprio.

'This is my third year being here. The first time I came here was my first ever trip with 'The Cross' and I had a blast and it's just my tradition now," said University of Tennessee student Tyler Knox .

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