United Way implements plan to assess funded agencies

United Way

The United Way of Southwest Georgia has adopted a new policy to monitor progress of organizations they fund in the community.

Non-profit groups like the Boy Scouts of America receive funds from the organization. United Way's president and ceo of the southwest district has enacted the impact model hoping it will bring out maximum results in community agencies.

The groups will receive visits from volunteers who will assess their progress and document it over a years period. The United way has four sections of which it appropriate funds. Those include education, income, health and basic needs.

Once the data is complete, the United Way will use it to determine which agencies are most productive and which ones aren't. Those agencies improving the most will receive the better funding.

"We're looking forward to communicating what scouting does so that we can be measured better and judged better so that we can perform and show that we're contributing back to the community," said Boy Scouts of America Chehaw Council CEO Ray Allen.

Right now the education section receives 42 percent of the United Ways 1.2 million dollar budget. After assessments are done, that number could change. A spokesperson for the United Way said they are looking for a deeper level of accountability from funded organizations. They want to know that the money given is used in a productive way.DAVE

"I think it's going to make all of us better," said Albany YMCA Executive Director Dave Wallace, "I think it's going to make the United way more effective in how they allocate dollars but it's also going to make them more effective in raising dollars."

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