Unemployment rate dropping

Good news for job seekers in Southwest Georgia - the Department of Labor reports that Metro Albany's unemployment rate has gone down.

Officials say Metro Albany's unemployment rate in October 2011 stood at 10.4%, down four-tenths of a point from 10.8% in September 2011. The reason for the drop is because there were fewer layoffs in retail trade, manufacturing, and people were hiring seasonal employees for the holidays.

The state of Georgia stands at 10% unemployment, while the national rate is 9%.

County Rates:

*Baker County = 9.8%

*Colquitt County = 9.3%

*Dougherty County = 11.7%

*Lee County = 7.6%

*Mitchell County = 9.8%

*Terrell County = 11.9%

*Tift County = 11.5%

*Worth County = 9.5%