Uncovering the meaning of Palm Sunday

Sunday morning churches across the nation held events for Palm Sunday. The day is set aside for the Sunday before Easter.

Gospel records proclaim that when the people heard that Jesus was entering Jerusalem for the last time, they cut down palm branches and laid them on the roadway. The people then began to wave the leaves as a celebration of Christ's arrival.

Palm Sunday also marks the beginning of Holy week, the final week of Jesus' earthly ministry.

Different churches in the Albany area will be hosting events throughout the week. Bethel African Methodist Episcopal church will be joining in with the downtown fellowship.

"What we do is highlight the different faces around the cross. Each day a pastor will come in and he will highlight one of the faces that were around the cross at crucifixion," says Rev. Ernest Davis Jr., Pastor of Bethel A.M.E.

The downtown fellowship is comprised of several churches from the downtown Albany area. On Easter Sunday the group will hold a sunrise service in Ray Charles Plaza at 7:00 a.m.