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      UGA's Caleb King arrested

      The star tailback for the University of Georgia has been arrested on a warrant for failing to appear in court for a traffic violation.

      Caleb King is the program TMs 11th player to be arrested since March.

      "We TMre not only losing games, we TMre losing players," said Dee Matthews, president of the Albany Bulldog Club.

      She is echoing the frustration that many UGA fans are feeling on the heels of tailback Caleb King TMs arrest.

      The school's legal entanglements began in June with the arrest of Athletic Director Damon Evans on suspicion of drunk driving.

      Evans was quickly fired but the trickle down has become a tidal wave, soaking one of the SEC TMs perennial football programs in arrests from battery, to public intoxication, to DUI TMs.

      Matthews says the problem is partly a lack of accountability on behalf of many young people.

      "Everything you do has a consequence," said Matthews. "Every act that you perform or answer to, you have a consequence. And young people don TMt seem to be taking that seriously until something happens to them."

      That TMs a message that Albany High School Head Football Coach Felton Williams tries to send his student athletes on a daily basis, especially if they hope to play at the collegiate level.

      "It TMs so important to do what you TMre supposed to do at all times because not only will you embarrass yourself but, as well, that university," said Williams. "You TMre just held to a higher standard."

      One of the things the coach emphasizes to his players is that the ability to catch a football is a privilege but it comes with great responsibility.

      "Because you are that superstar athlete, you no longer have certain privileges that are afforded to the average person," said Williams. "You have to literally watch everything you do and what you say, when you say it."