UGA President visits Tifton to talk success and renovations

University of Georgia President Jere Morehead visited UGA's Tifton Campus and Tifton Rotary Club to talk about the college.

Morehead told campus staff that a strong university is important for the state, and later reiterated that point at the Tifton Rotary Club.

UGA received over 21,000 applications for the year, which is a new record according to Morehead. Rotary members asked him questions about the admissions process and he stated that about 50 percent of the students who apply to UGA are accepted. He added 87 percent of students enrolled in the freshman class were in-state, one of the highest in-state percentage rates in the country.

Students enrolled last fall were deemed to be the best class academically for UGA and he believes it will happen again.

Additionally, he spoke about a new $4.7 million facility renovation that will occur on UGA's Tifton campus. The facility will include 33 teaching labs for science classes and was approved by the General Assembly.

Morehead said "this is probably the best year the university has seen in a very long time."