Two scams target Terrell County residents

Scam artist have been targeting Terrell County residents. / FOX 31

When the phone rang at Mrs. Sue's house on Monday she answered as she usually does. The caller on the other line informed her she would be receiving a new medical card; his next question raised some concern.

"He said I want to know the name of the bank that you do your business with, I said I'm sorry I'm not going to give that information out to anyone, and he hung up," explains Mrs. Sue.

She then went right to her caller ID, "I tried to ID him but it was one of those scam calls."

When we tried calling the number back a message said it was no longer in service, this is why the Terrell County Sheriff, John Bowens, says it's hard to track down these scam artist.

"If you call that number back it's not a working number, so my best advice would be just don't talk to them, whenever they call hang up," said Bowens.

Over the past few days the sheriff's office says they've received several complaints about similar calls. They've also received reports of FedEx packages being sent to people asking for help cashing a check.

'"If somebody sends you a check for $5,000, and tells you to take 10% of it and send the rest of it back to them, that ought to let you know something's wrong," said Bowens.

If you think you've received one of these packages or a suspicious call alert the sheriff before taking any other action.

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