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      Two scams going around Albany

      The Albany Police Department is warning the public about two different scams going on in the community.

      The first involved a victim who was contacted by phone about his taxes. The individual calling posed as an official from the Dougherty County Sheriff TMs Office and then transferred to another individual posing as someone from the Federal Crime Investigations Department. The second person demanded the victim go to the bank and send money for taxes he owed.

      In the second incident, the victim applied to a work at home ad on Craigslist, received a check in the mail, and was advised by culprits to cash it to buy office equipment so she could work from home. An online message was then received from the culprits asking for the remainder of the money back. The bank stopped payment on it because the check was counterfeit.

      APD officials told FOX 31 that a law enforcement agency will never ask for money over the phone, this should be a red flag. They also warn the public to be weary of ads posted on Craigslist and to be very careful if you TMre applying to them. They want the public to know never to give out personal information to people you don TMt know.

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