Two new joeys bouncing around Chehaw

Photo Credit: Chehaw

Chehaw has announced that their two baby joeys have now left their mother's pouches and are bouncing, wrestling, and sparring with the rest of the kangaroo mob inside the Australian exhibit.

Officials with the park say this makes the first successful birth for Durry Jr. and the second for Arniebounce Pants.

Chehaw officials add a little background saying a joey is roughly the size of a lima bean at birth. It will then spend the next six months inside the mother kangaroo's pouch growing and developing. At six months of age, the joey is sufficiently large and developed enough to make its emergence out of the pouch after sticking its head out for a few weeks until it eventually feels safe enough to fully emerge. From then on, it spends increasing time in the outside world and eventually, at about nine months old, it leaves the pouch for the last time. The joeys will continue to nurse for up to a year.
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