Two local libraries write their final chapter

The Southside Branch and Westtown Branch will close their doors on June 30th

/ Colby Gallagher

Frozen positions, material cut backs, and shortened hours - these are just a few ways our local libraries have tried to survive in the economy, but it wasn't enough.

"We just got to a point where those were no longer going to be able to make up the difference," said Ashley Moore, the Director of the Dougherty County Public Library.

On Tuesday the Dougherty County Public Library Board of Trustees made a decision to close the Southside Branch and the Westtown Branch, laying off 6 employees system wide, but the libraries say they will do their best to not let service falter.

"We're sad to be having to close this library but it's a financial necessity and we will continue to provide the best quality service we can to our patrons in the three branches that will be open," said Tricia Henson, Manager of the Southside Branch.

Starting on July 1st, Albanians will only have three libraries to choose from and some residents aren't happy about it.

"You're closing a library that some of the most impoverished children in Albany use regularly," said Connie Lundy, a frequent patron of the Southside Branch.

Despite being on opposite ends of the situation, library users and employees have the same concerns in mind â" both are worried about the sudden changes and their effect on the community.

"It's the people that will be affected the most, not the staff," said Henson.

Especially on the children who are learning to read.

"If you can't read, you can't do anything and I have seen 10 or 20 small children in here sitting at tables reading," said Lundy.

Despite the cuts the libraries hope this story will have a happy epilogue. Any usable books will be moved to the remaining branches.

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