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      Two guns and marijuana found after Westover fight

      Officers found two guns and some marijuana in the vehicle.

      The Dougherty County School Police with help from the Albany Police Department and the Albany Police Gang Task Force are investigating a fight at Westover High School that left officers searching for a gun.Officers say that a fight broke out involving Westover High School students and non-students late Thursday afternoon and police were called to break it up.Upon arrival, one teenager told officers that he had been pistol whipped and they begin to search for the gun.After the officer's arrival, a white Chevrolet Cavalier left the scene and was followed by officers, eventually stopping in the 1200 block of Westwood Drive.Investigators searching the car and found two guns and marijuana.Officers have taken people in for questioning. No names or charges have been released at this time.Right now, we're looking at possible charges of possession of drugs; possession of marijuana is going to be a misdemeanor amount. We're going to have issues with possession of the weapons by minors and we're going to have charges stemming from the fight itself says J.C. Phillips, Dougherty County Assistant Chief of Police.

      Officials say all injuries received during the fight were minor.Stay connected to as stories develop and the FOX 31 Newscast at 10 PM. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter to join in on the conversation and connect with FOX 31!